Constitutional Rights

I believe in the preservation of your Constitutional Rights.  As your next Sheriff, I will exercise all of the authority entrusted to me by the people to defend your rights, liberties, and freedoms.  I strongly support the 2nd Amendment and your right to keep and bear arms.

School Safety

Cherokee County School safety is not only very important to me personally, but is the foundation to Cherokee County’s future.  My children go to our public schools and my wife and my sister are dedicated Cherokee County educators.  Currently, Cherokee County has one of the most professional school police departments in the state. I will strengthen our partnership with the superintendent of schools, the school board, and the school police officers and offer all of our available resources to assist them.

Residential and Business Safety

As a Cherokee County resident, it is very important to me that our community fosters meaningful partnerships and lasting, positive relationships with our business owners and fellow neighbors.  I will enhance existing programs with innovative ideas including ‘Business Watch’ and ‘Neighborhood Watch’ to strengthen our bond within the community.  I will remain available to personally attend your Home Owner’s Association meetings and the meetings of other community groups to hear your concerns and offer our support.  I will also be prepared, where necessary, to implement new strategies and tactics to reduce vulnerabilities and crime within our residential and commercial areas.


It is my responsibility as your next Sheriff to maintain strict oversight of the annual budget of the Sheriff’s Office and reduce or eliminate any unnecessary spending.  It is important to be good stewards of your tax money, and I will work diligently to look for new and innovative ways to incorporate and leverage available technology to ensure public safety, accountability, and transparency.  I will work with the Board of Commissioners to attract and support the needs of the finest professional employees who work for the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office.

Community Outreach

I plan to implement the first Sheriff’s Academy for Cherokee County residents. This unique program will allow residents to experience a six-week curriculum which meets twice a week.  Citizens will learn and become more informed on all aspects of their Sheriff’s Office and garner a deeper appreciation for what it means to be a dedicated Deputy Sheriff in Cherokee County.