Endorsement Letter
Sheriff Roger Garrison – Sheriff of Cherokee County (24 Years)

Endorsement Letter
Lee New – Chief of Police (Retired) Cobb County Police Department

“I proudly announce my support for Frank Reynolds for Sheriff of Cherokee County. I sincerely believe he will be the next great Sheriff. I was the first Cherokee County Sheriff to put a strong emphasis on education and training. That tradition has been carried on for the last 24 years and has resulted in arguable the best trained, best educated, and most professional Sheriff’s Office in the State of Georgia. I have watched as Frank Reynolds has demonstrated this same level of dedication to training, education, and professionalism in his own career. Please join me in supporting Frank Reynolds, and vote for him to be the next great Sheriff of Cherokee County”

Sheriff James E. “Bo” Ballard – Former Cherokee County Sheriff 1981-1988

“I am happy to support and publicly endorse Frank Reynolds.
Frank has the integrity, professionalism, training and experience needed for the highly visible and important job of Sheriff of Cherokee County. I believe his background, knowledge of our county as a lifelong resident, and relationships with local and state officials will ensure the continuation of the outstanding reputation of our Sheriff’s department enjoyed and achieved under outgoing Sheriff Roger Garrison. Frank will be a great Sheriff for both Cherokee city and county residents.”

Mayor Rick Roberts – Ballground, Georgia

“I have known Frank for many years, he is a man of honesty, dependability and loves Cherokee County. Frank has a record of experience and certifications which have prepared him to lead the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and take us to the next level in law enforcement.”

Mayor Gene Hobgood – Canton, Georgia

“Frank Reynolds is a man of vision who has dedicated himself to a life of service for the benefit of his community. He is a dedicated, goal minded Law Enforcement professional who had prepared himself to lead our Sheriffs Office and ensure it will continue to be a Department of excellence which sets the standard for law enforcement agency’s not only in Georgia but nationwide.

It is my honor and privilege as Mayor of Holly Springs to be able to support and publicly endorse Frank Reynolds as our next Sheriff of Cherokee County.”

Mayor Tim Downing – Holly Springs, Georgia

“Frank Reynolds is a man of integrity. He has the experience needed to carry on the legacy of Roger Garrison, and will do so from day one. He has also promised to continue the good working relationship with the Woodstock Police Department.”

Mayor Donnie Henriques – Woodstock, Georgia

“I have known and trusted Frank Reynolds for nearly 20 years. I have relied on Frank to assist me in making difficult administrative and other decisions.  I am very thankful for the advice and direction that he has provided me.  Frank’s education and experience have certainly enabled him to serve as an example of an outstanding law enforcement official for whom I have tremendous respect.”

Sheriff Dane Kirby – Fannin County, Georgia

“I have had the privilege of knowing Frank Reynolds for several years. I know Frank to be a true leader in the profession of law enforcement. Frank has the ability and skills to keep the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office moving forward and to keep this county the safest in the metro area. He possesses forward thinking and demonstrates strong leadership skills. It is an honor to endorse and support Frank Reynolds as the next Cherokee County Sheriff because of his background, tenure, education, experience, and his integrity. I am truly honored to endorse this Christian family man and demonstrated leader. I sincerely hope each voter in Cherokee County supports Frank Reynolds.”

Ken Ball, Holly Springs Chief of Police

“I support Frank Reynolds for Sheriff, he has my vote.”

Bill Cline, Major DNR (Ret.) and former Mayor of Waleska

“It is my great honor to endorse and support Frank Reynolds as our next Cherokee County Sheriff!

I have known Frank for many years and recognize him as a true professional in his chosen field of law enforcement.  Frank cares about all people and truly cares about the people of Cherokee County.  He possesses the education, skills, experience, training and leadership style to keep the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office among the best in the country.  He has fresh ideas to keep our community safe and as a 20 year resident, I very much welcome that.

Dennis Nelson – Warden and Retired Chief of Police

“I first met Frank in 2006 on my first day on a new job in a foreign land. I knew from the minute he introduced himself that he was a man of integrity and honesty. Over the next several months my initial feeling about Frank’s character was continually reinforced along with the observation that he was full of heart and wanted the best for all of those we served. I observed Frank to be a professional, reserved, skilled, well liked and respected man of faith. I only wish I lived in your county so I could vote for Frank. I would be honored to work for this man and I am proud to say that I have in the past.”

Darren A. Hynek – State Law Enforcement Agent

“I’m proud to say that Frank Reynolds has been a friend of mine for close to 30 years. I’ve seen Frank stand up for people many times when there was no reward in it for himself other than the satisfaction of knowing that he had done the right thing. Frank’s calm and collected demeanor and clear thinking under adverse conditions have served him and those around him well. I would want Frank Reynolds in my corner, no matter what the occasion.”

Norman Coletti

“To The Citizens of Cherokee County,

It is my distinct honor to endorse and recommend Frank Reynolds for Cherokee County Sheriff. I had the pleasure of working with Frank in Baghdad, Iraq from 2005 to 2008.  He left the relative safety of serving our country in a local capacity in law enforcement, to serve it internationally, protecting diplomats in a war zone as they sought to bring peace to that country and their people.

Frank proved to be unflappable in any situation and a great asset to any team he was on. His thoughtful, decisive leadership was recognized as he was given increased responsibility early and often, culminating in his leading a team as a Shift Leader.

Frank Reynolds has my highest recommendation for Cherokee County Sheriff.

Frank Reynolds’ leadership abilities, education and wealth of experience make him the right choice for the citizens of Cherokee County. He will undoubtedly bring all of his skills, passion and caring in the service of its residents. Moreover, Frank is a good man. The residents of Cherokee County are lucky to have a public servant with his passion, caring and skills keeping them safe every day.”

C. Story – Security Manager, Fortune 250

“Frank Reynolds and I worked together in Iraq for over three years.  He possesses integrity and honor and never hesitates to offer help whenever the opportunity rises.  I appreciate Frank as a friend and colleague.”

A. Young – Former 75th Ranger Reg/Security Specialist