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Candidates Debate

Source: Woodstock-Townlake Patch By: Kristal Dixon  Date: July 30, 2015  ‘One Of The Best Traditions’: Candidates Debate The Issues At Forum A hot, steamy late July evening couldn’t keep some of Cherokee County’s most active political gadflies, elected officials, candidates and their supporters and party stalwarts from attending Tuesday’s Candidate Forum. The forum, which was organized by the Cherokee County Farm Bureau and Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce, allowed incumbents and declared candidates in local races to introduce themselves to the public and briefly lay out their platform. Jeff Rusbridge, chairman of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, welcomed the crowd to the event, which he described as “one of the best traditions” in Cherokee County. That tradition was hosted at the famous Cagle’s Dairy Farm in Hickory Flat. Rebecca Johnston, managing editor with the Cherokee Tribune, and Mike Searcy of WLJA Radio introduced the candidates to the audience and
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Forum at Cagle’s

Source: Cherokee Tribune By: Michelle Babcock Almost 300 people gathered under a pavilion at the Cagle’s Dairy Farm on Tuesday to hear two-minute speeches from nearly 30 candidates running for local, state and national seats. The forum was sponsored by the Cherokee County Farm Bureau, Cherokee Chamber of Commerce and the Cagle’s Dairy Farm in Canton. Candidates whose opposition did not attend the forum were given two minutes to speak to the crowd, while groups of candidates running for various seats were given two minutes for opening statements and one minute to answer any audience questions. The forum was moderated by Tribune Managing Editor Rebecca Johnston and Vice President of WLJA Radio Michael Searcy. David Pennington was the only candidate in the race for Georgia’s gubernatorial seat to attend the forum and said he was “on a mission to return Georgia back to its rightful place” as “the most powerful,
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